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BOMA eEnergyTraining Region Links


Until March 31st  

Alberta E Pro Network member company employees can save up to 30% on BOMA e-Energy Training.

How it works:

  • Any Alberta resident is eligible for Energy Efficiency Alberta’s training incentive. Details can be found on their Training page
  • BOMA eEnergy Training will issue the $150 rebate upon completion of the course.
  • Employees of an E Pro Network member company are eligible for an additional 10% (email to receive the E Pro Network discount code).


BOMA eEnergyTraining is offered in three regions world wide: United States of America, Canada and International. 

Please read the descriptions below and choose the appropriate region.


If you reside in Canada including all provinces and territories.
Please visit: Canada eEnergyTraining Course Details


If you reside in the United States, including protectorates and territories.
Please visit: USA eEnergyTraining Course Details


If you reside anywhere else in the world outside of the USA and Canada.
Please visit: International eEnergyTraining Course Details