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What course participants are saying...

I’ve been a building engineer for a long while, but I still learned a lot from the course - like new ways to communicate with tenants about saving energy, tips on properly insulating boilers and steam valves, and new options in lighting. The course gave me a better understanding of the big picture when it comes to energy management. It also had some great case studies and calculators to show the results of, for example, raising or lowering building temperature by half a degree. I have recommended the course to my four building operators and my electrician. It made a lot of sense and even sparked some new ideas; and because it is online I could take the course at my own pace.

Over all presentation was good because I felt my self in a live class room.

I liked that the content was relevant to our daily work.

So many great practical ideas.

This BOMA e-Energy Training course has been an eye opener of sorts for me, and it makes me more determined than ever to help our customers/tenants use less energy. We should be able to assure them that through continuous control of lighting, a/c, refrigeration and other equipment, we will enable their organization - and ours - to successfully implement energy efficiency savings. It's a big commitment on both parts - but then - saving energy and protecting our environment seems to me to be very much worth every ounce of prevention we can bring to the table.

Material learned is very beneficial for the individual and offers valuable savings opportunities for the company.

Starting with good, simple understandable information relating to energy basics and proceeding on to more intricate - yet extremely important - topics such as a/c, refrigeration, water treatment loads and the importance of matching them correctly, all very informative and educational. Should be valuable additions to the skill sets of any building op. I know they are to this one! And I Thank You for them.

The video clips, demonstrations/animations, reading on screen, quizzes are very good and interesting.

The course is an excellent source for helping to summarize project costs and benefits as part of a capital budget, as well as 'selling' the benefits of energy savings projects.

All in all, the Modules were very good, the quizzes show that much thought has gone into forming them and the aim and end result very good. p.s.: who is the Lady doing the 'voice-over's'.....

The course was very beneficial, as I could partake when it suited me (sometimes at home, sometimes at work).

Well thought out course. Good modules, most material very applicable to building operations.

Every area had new information to me.

I thought this course was very informative and very helpful in determining future savings for my campus.

Excellent course - nicely laid out - covers a lot of topics - good examples to prepare your case

The more we know - the more we can save! The BOMA organization, along with its' partners, have helped introduce me to the benefits gained from identifying cost savings opportunities I may not have previously considered. This is critical to pass along to the tenants in my buildings, really, If I can help show them how to reduce some of their costs, this should also help improve their 'bottom line'.

Visuals are always eye-catching and rarely boring. Good supplementary information (.pdf files).

Learned lots of new ideas.

Great format that allowed for a lot of review. Nice simple explanations and available extended resources, where relevant. Great flexibility for an adult learner with limited time schedule. The quizzes reinforced the learning well and the exam wasn't a "trick question" type of exam, but was very straightforward. I loved that I could re-enter my answers and try again, too, allowing the exam to be an extended learning tool as well, reinforcing my learning.

I found the course to be informative and practical. It allowed me to take my time and did not make me feel "pressured".

I got a lot of confidence after completing this course.

I think the course is very well organized and give's you the most important information on the opportunities to start an energy saving program with your facility.

Relevant content. Easy layout. Easy to navigate.

The course is very informative.

Your course has provided me with direction on how and where I can help improve the comfort level for my tenants, reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment life and serve notice that the organization(s) I work WITH can help make a significant difference. Energy is one of the most easily controlled costs we have. By using measures outlined in this BOMA e-Energy Training course, you have shown me how these practices can increase savings, and help noticeably contribute to decrease costs. The tenants in our buildings can do so much more, and in a way 'the ball's in their court".

Now I am in a position to prepare a comprehensive and detailed presentation to get approval to install VFD drive for couple of my fan motors.

One of the most important things that I picked up here relates to how best to strategically set up a framework to conduct a thorough analysis - an Audit - of an Energy Management System. The Audit, followed by the analysis will take up a lot of time - but I look at it as an investment - in our future. It also seems that the best EMS should be site specific in their design. My industrial complex for instance, is somewhat different than my office complex across town. Yet I still want the same kind of information gathered, analyzed and presented - it will help save.

I could stop and go back to different sections. Great flexibility in maneuvering the site.

I could work on my own time line, at my own pace.